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FAQs about CBD OIL

FAQs about CBD OIL

FAQs about CBD OIL

1. What is CBD?
CDB, or Cannabidiol, is one of the most popular and effective products on the market of natural products, such as skincare and dietary supplements. One of the most valuable CBD products is CBD oil. It’s properties will provide you body and mind with a painless, anxiety-free life.
CBD, a blessed gift from Mother Nature, is only one of 104 chemical compounds extracted from cannabis. It can result in truly amazing effects. Green Balance Three highly recommends you to try out CBD oil that will become your healthcare routine essential.

2. Will CBD oil make me “high”?
No, Cannabidiol produces no “high” effect that marijuana is so famous for. The psychoactive component of marijuana plant is THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol. Therefore, Cannabidiol has no risk of getting hallucinations during the consumption of CBD oil or any other CBD products.

3. How does CBD work?
Not long ago scientists discovered a new system in our bodies – the endocannabinoid system. This system is activated by that very CBD that activate receptors and thus improve the functioning of your nervous system. This is the reason of why our bodies respond so well to CBD oil!

4. Is CBD oil legal?
CBD oil is legal in a number of countries as it contains absolutely no or only an insignificant percentage of THC – CBD’s psychoactive friend that makes governments prohibit marijuana. We would kindly ask you to check the legislation of your home country before purchasing CBD oil and other CBD products.

5. Are there any negative side-effects of CBD oil usage?
CBD oil is a very low-risk product, especially when it is a high quality product from a reliable manufacturer. Therefore, CBD as a rule produces no negative side effects. Nevertheless, before purchasing CBD oil please consult your doctor to make sure it will be safe for you.

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