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Why Combine Juicing and CBD OIL ?

Why Combine Juicing and CBD OIL ?

Why Combine Juicing and CBD OIL ?

It is strongly believed that they key to a Healthy Body is a Healthy Gut.
So many cultures and generations from the past understood and practiced various forms of juicing and extraction to obtain their most essential minerals, nutrients and other properties.
Many of us absolutely love crunching down on a carrot, an apple or even peeling back a delicious and nutritious banana. So why change the form of these already delicious vegetables and fruits?
Why not just consume these fruits and vegetables as they are?
Are there truly any benefits to juicing these types of foods?
Condensing and combining nutritional vegetables/fruits into a smaller more condensed volume can most certainly provide you with substantial health benefits – and nutrients that you would not be able to obtain when simply eating the foods “Whole” or cooking out many of the properties into a heated dish.
Why is this..?

Your gut will not have to digest most of the un-necessary fiber that comes along with the full body fruit and vegetables. The Gut is known to get “gummed up” and becomes less effective over time, therefore, the gut is required to work much harder and for longer periods of time to digest the fibers.
Today’s food industry is overloaded with excessive forms of different types of fibers and other types of fillers in the overwhelming amount of processed foods that flood the market today.
Juicing has the potential to do-away with those fibers (to an extent) and converts the vegetables/fruits into liquid form. Not only does this allow you to consume much wider range of vegetables/fruits in one meal, but this also gives your body a significant amount more of the crucial nutrients and minerals unable to be obtained through traditional intake methods.
How CBD is more effective and better absorbed with a clean gut – obtained through juicing

These vast amounts of crucial nutrients, properties, anti-oxidants and seemingly miraculous benefits that often go unseen or are taken for granted – will ultimately contribute to an individual successfully purifying the bacteria that hides in your gut, ultimately providing you with a clean and effective gut.

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